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Piracy and (Digital) Economy - Beneficial side-effects of outlawed acts and black market economies for societies.

There are various pointers in recent research that suggest that product piracy as a means of distribution is a mayor factor in not only innovation but also education and economic advancement. Independent studies also show positive effects for the establishment of the class of goods that have be...

By Gernot Hausar

String notation for capturing the entire experimental processes of chemistry

A string notation which is inspired by [SMILES]( notation in chemistry can be devised for capturing entire chemistry experimental and methodological sequences and processes. Laboratory experimental procedures are often described as flowcharts, whic...

By Matthew MacLennan

Florilege: a mapping method and memory aid for mass collaboration and information overload management

Florilege is a mind-mapping method adapted to endeavors involving multiple minds or lines of thought. Florilege maps introduce the dimension of time to register open, iterative, sometimes errant, thought processes. Like traditional florilegia and commonplace books, Florilege maps support individ...

By Perig Gouanvic