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Searching for Dyson spheres with Gaia

Assuming that Dyson spheres obscure optical/near-infrared light as grey absorbers, a partial Dyson sphere with high covering fraction (fcov > 0.5) could reveal itself as an anomalously subluminous star with a parallax-based distance smaller than the spectroscopically inferred one. A large catalo...

By Erik Zackrisson, Ansgar Wehrhahn, Andreas Korn

Extragalactic radio sources as lighthouses for SETI

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is one of the most ambitious scientific endeavors. It aims at detecting signals produced intentionally or unintentionally by extraterrestrial civilizations ([Siemion et al., 2013]( The Galaxy, however, is vast a...

By Jorge I. Zuluaga