Tracking smartphone screen time during weight-loss trials: an indirect means of exploring semaglutide's efficacy against addiction

Screen time has been identified as not just a strong correlate with addiction, but as a predictor and even as an addiction in and of itself. Semaglutide, better known by the brand name Ozempic, is widely used as an anti-obesity drug and it, along... continue reading

Antidepressants, the gut microbiota, TRPA1 receptors and self-cooling.

Enhanced efflux pump expression and intracellular production of reactive oxygen species in gut bacteria has been
observed following exposure for sixty days to several antidepressants, at clinically relevant concentrations.1. This pattern has been... continue reading

Gender Commonality in the Upregulated Transcriptome of Patients with Ischemic Stroke

The present study systematically searched the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) DataSets for and retrieved the GSE22255 dataset that included transcriptomic data from Ischemic Stroke patients. This was an expression profiling by array using peripheral... continue reading

'Accuracy per FLOP': A Green AI Metric for Fair and Efficient AI Development

Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly through Deep Learning and large-scale datasets, have led to the creation of powerful models like OpenAI's GPT-$n$. These models have significantly enhanced Natural Language... continue reading

Encouraging two-handed pointing to allow pain patients to better identify the site of their pain including the dimension of depth

Effective pain management interventions rely on accurate pain assessment, hampered by the subjective nature of the experience of pain and by inefficient communication between patients and healthcare practitioners. Many aspects of pain assessment... continue reading

Institutional Assimilation

The role of social media companies in content moderation takes center stage in the Section 230 debate. Many conservatives believe that firms like Facebook are mimicking state authority by censoring speech (Frederick,2023).

What if there is... continue reading

Role of vB_EfaH_163 in controlling the population of E. faecium in the gut microbiome

Enterococcus faecium (EF) is a commensal bacterium living in the human gut. In most cases, it's part of a harmless microbial community. However, EF may become an opportunistic pathogen in cases of a weak immune system and high use of antibiotics,... continue reading

On the number of person and number categories in Mordvinic

In the finite-state description of Erzya and Moksha, four different types of person and number are attested. Personal and emphatic pronouns are tagged (Sg1, Sg2, Sg3, Pl1, Pl2, Pl3). Possessor indexing is indicated with ‹Px›: PxSg1, PxSg2,...... continue reading

George Spratt's Obstetric Tables on Medical Pedagogy and Professionalization

The Obstetric Tables created by George Spratt (ca. 1784-1840), also known as "Spratt's Flaps," reintroduced the use of layered paper as a tool in obstetrics after it had fallen out of service since the publication of Vesalius' book in the 16th... continue reading

Protective function of allergies against cancer proliferation within coastal communities.

Allergies have surged in coastal communities, prompting inquiry into adult-onset allergies like IgE
hypersensitivity to common foods rich in tropomyosins. Communities in Nagoya, Japan experience some of the highest shellfish allergy prevalence,... continue reading


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