Relationship Between Violent Media and Individuals Demonstrating Aggressive Behavior

The research's results vary on violent media's effect with some saying it has the effect of aggression while some say the opposite. However, although there have been multiple studies conducted about violent media's effect on the general... continue reading

Cookie-Cutter Effect of Regulation

The best description of the Brussels Effect is “unilateral regulatory globalization” (Bradford, 2012). Per Bradford (2012) this “..occurs when a single state can externalize its laws and regulations outside its borders through market mechanisms,... continue reading

Breadth and depth are positively correlated emergent properties of engagement

Scholars like Duckworth and Ericsson speak of an “ineluctable trade-off between breadth and depth” in expertise and knowledge acquisition. However, recent research on polymathy shows a positive... continue reading

Variable-angle and variable-curvature fluidizing bed for continuous processes involving changing particles

In a fluidized bed, a fluid stream passes through a bed of solid particles at a velocity high enough to effectively suspend those particles by way of the friction effects on their surfaces. Fluidized beds are widely-used as chemical reactors... continue reading

Imaging through perturbed multimode fibers with physical prior

Imaging through perturbed multimode fibers based on deep learning has been widely researched. However, existing methods mainly use target-speckle pairs in different configurations. It is challenging to reconstruct targets without trained networks.... continue reading

Weak Link Theory of U.S. Political Party Platforms

Why do Republicans no longer support free trade? Neoliberal trade policy was a hallmark of the Regan years (Wilson, 1993). The Trump administration ended this decades-long consensus. Per Ehrlich & Gahagan (2023), an ANES survey found only 33.1%... continue reading

Aeroplane-mounted real-time micro-plastic detectors

Recent research has discovered airborne micro-plastic particles in clouds, and it is theorized that these particles may influence cloud formation and precipitation by providing nucleation sites for condensation. With the rapidly rising levels of... continue reading

Synthetic Dataset Generation for Concept Drift Adaptation

Concept drift, a phenomenon where the statistical properties of the target variable change over time, poses a significant challenge in data stream mining. The low amount of real word datasets with concept drift make this challenge harder on many... continue reading

Does it take longer to choose among more alternatives?

From an optimization-view of human decision making it makes sense that choosing among more alternatives would take longer, simply because there are more alternatives to evaluate before deciding. If humans use simple rules of thumb or use... continue reading

Protocological Ecosystem

The concept of the "protocological ecosystem" is an invitation to appreciate a novel form of vitalism in social interaction based on the entanglement of protocols, humans, and interfaces. Such an ecosystem is founded on a set of voluntary rules... continue reading


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