By Yu Jiang

Some space debris belongs to the upper stage of the rocket, and propellant remains inside the debris, which may explode and generate more space debris. In order to identify potential disintegration targets in space, understand the remaining amount of propellant, fracture location and degree of fracture, aging degree, etc., and predict when space targets will disintegrate. Based on this information, we can carry out debris removal in advance, which plays an important role in the governance of the space debris environment. Here we propose to use an X-ray camera to image the space target, use the computer X-ray tomography technology to obtain the multi-dimensional information inside the space target, and establish a multi-dimensional model of the space target's internal information. Relevant technologies can also help us troubleshoot spacecraft on-orbit and help humans solve potential space risks.


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Yu Jiang



Published: 10 Sep, 2022

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