By vijay kanade

The concept deals with an “Intelligent motion detecting system” that monitors all the events taking place in a particular area. The system tracks the motion and sends alerts to the owner of that device in case of any unexpected event taking place at the vulnerable spot. The system performs surveillance of the specified location constantly. . This device can be installed or set up at any remote place which is prone to the security concerns. The intelligent device is specifically designed for the sensitive areas as that of jeweler shops, banks, etc where minimal amount of motion is expected at certain specified time i.e. night, etc.; motion above the threshold means that some illegal event is triggering the device placed at the sensitive spot. Eventually the device will send an alert to the owner of the shop in the form of message, e-mail, etc signaling that something wrong is coming off in the sensitive area of the shop. The principle behind this system is that off “pixel variance”. The camera present in this system will capture the pixels of the images moving in the scope of the camera and the variance of these pixels will be noted by the device.


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vijay kanade



Published: 26 Apr, 2015

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