By David Ortega-Paredes

Ecological awareness and respect for living organisms must be the main objectives of education. Universities have to promote the understanding of the impact of One Health (good health for people is not possible without good health for animals and the environment) and Global Health (all ecosystems are linked and their imbalance has global consequences), concepts in the community wellness, regardless of the professional career followed by the individual. To this goal, I propose to evaluate the knowledge of all freshmen in ecological issues through surveys. To identify their misconceptions and use this analysis to create a workshop that mitigates the issues. Validate the workshop. Implement this workshop as mandatory for freshmen. To launch a contest for the design of green spaces considering the concepts in the workshop. To analyze the impact of the workshop and the construction of the green spaces over the misconceptions through surveys. To repeat the strategy every year for the maintenance and improvement of green spaces. This approach can beautify the university while giving a more complete education to its students, promoting ecological awareness, the health of the environment, creativity, and respect for life. At no more price of hire gardeners.


I know several professors who published on the aesthetic, health, and economic value of landscape plants, none has put raising philosophical awareness in freshmen as a priority; but I think you made a very valid and important point here.

Di Wu · 28 Jan, 2023
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David Ortega-Paredes



Published: 26 Sep, 2022

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