By Muhammad Jawad Sajid

Hypothetical Extraction Method (HEM) is becoming increasingly famous for the estimation of intermediate industrial carbon connections. In 2019 alone, the method was used extensively to study industrial carbon links at different levels (see for example [1]–[3]). It has been argued that this method is far better suited to estimating industrial carbon links than conventional multiplier approaches. It is time for government policy makers to start taking into account intermediate direct and indirect industrial carbon linkages in order to effectively reduce industrial carbon emissions.
[1] M. J. Sajid, X. Li, and Q. Cao, “Demand and supply-side carbon linkages of Turkish economy using hypothetical extraction method,” J. Clean. Prod., vol. 228, pp. 264–275, Aug. 2019.
[2] M. J. Sajid, Q. Cao, and W. Kang, “Transport sector carbon linkages of EU’s top seven emitters,” Transp. Policy, vol. 80, pp. 24–38, May 2019.
[3] M. J. Sajid, N. Shahni, and M. Ali, “Calculating inter-sectoral carbon flows of a mining sector via hypothetical extraction method,” J. Min. Environ., 2019.


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Muhammad Jawad Sajid



Published: 8 Nov, 2019

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