By Demian Arturo Herrera Morban

I am forming a group to submit a proposal to an NIH GRANT regarding Autism. The GRANT is R0. The deadline is 09/2019. The Main idea is state of microglia on autism. The theories behind area 2: white matter changes based on previous studies and microbiome dysbioses observed in autism. There is a link between microbiome changes, histamine and microglia that i would like to study. The group so far is composed by a pediatrics neurologist, epidemiologist and myself a pediatrician. We are currently working on the proposal draft. We are looking for someone with expertise on neuroscience specially on autism and nuclear medicine in autism for brain imaging studies. The GRANT link is the following:


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Demian Arturo Herrera Morban



Published: 5 May, 2017

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