By Woo Jae Kim

During and after world war II, science has been supported by government. Science became huge and money-based activities. Norms such as CUDOS that has been support science began to be diminished since capitalism governs science. Competitions replace cooperations, applicability of science became the only reason to support science. In this circumstances, disciplines such as ecology, natural history, geology, field behavioral science cannot be supported by government money. These kinds of science activities which is considered not helpful for industrial revolutions should be maintained since history tells variety of science support technical revolution in long-term view. I suggest that the current effort to support these kinds of basic science activities via public sector such as needed to be extended. When we can support these scientific activities via government and industry-free manner, we can expect another good old days of science.


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Woo Jae Kim



Published: 13 Feb, 2015

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