By Yu Jiang

Land resources are very tight in the Earth. We can bury dead person‘s bone ash to asteroids. Some people are very rich, they may want to pay funds to do this. And the funds can be used to develop human's space science and deep space exploration. For example, asteroid 433 Eros is named because of the Greek god of love, the couple who love each other very much may want to pay one hundred million dollors to Aerospace Corp. and ask the corporation to bury their bone ash to asteroid 433 Eros to commemorate their love. We need an association to allocate vacancies to Aerospace Corp. Then Aerospace Corp. gain funds to develop human's space science and deep space exploration, and pay taxes to government.


sounds cool!

jiayu wu · 7 Feb, 2023
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Yu Jiang



Published: 10 May, 2016

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