By Arpit Kumar Pradhan

The immune system acts as a protective framework against the pathogenic microbes. Understanding the immune system can give us insights of how vulnerable someone is to foreign invaders. Amidst the recent events such as virus outbreaks it becomes highly advantageous if we pinpoint the individuals who are more prone to be affected.

The vein patterns such as finger veins or palm veins are amongst the most robust features which are unique to individuals. These vascular networks which are determined by genetic and chromosomal patterns can give us more insights to a person’s response to fight foreign microbes. In order to understand how these vascular patterns can predict the immune response and susceptibility to foreign microbes we can make use of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, which can be trained to correlate with immune markers such as C-reactive proteins, differential cell count, lymphocyte proliferation and subset distribution and red blood cell distribution width. A designated score sheet which categorizes the vein patterns with the immune markers can help us mark the groups that are more immunocompromised and thereby keep us prepared during pandemics.


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Arpit Kumar Pradhan



Published: 25 Mar, 2020

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