By Philippe Charlier

The use of DNA (both modern and ancient: aDNA) for purposes of genetic traceability, ethnic filiation, migration of populations, etc. is currently experiencing exponential growth. These studies are (it is hoped) initially motivated by scientific questions and research methods, but the published data can be subject to racial, racist, religious, philosophical and, in the general Greek sense of the term, "political" uses. In this sense, DNA seems to us to constitute a true (geo)political weapon.
Should we limit or regulate even more the study of human or pre-human DNA? Obviously no, it would change absolutely nothing. But one must be aware of the very political, very contentious scope, beyond a simple scientific result. Each data can be used for subversive purposes. Consequently, our presentation of results in the fields of molecular genetics and population genetics must be particularly rigorous, discussions limited, conclusions cautious. At the risk of providing arguments to the most dehumanized theories.


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Philippe Charlier



Published: 17 Jul, 2017

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