By Stefan Neamtu, Adam Blaine, Matthew Mokary, Luke Coy

This project’s objective is to create an open source web dashboard capable of searching multiple code hosting services, such as Zenodo, Figshare, and GitHub, for the benefit of the research community. The goal of this dashboard is to demonstrate the usefulness of a new metadata standard by utilizing it for easy and effective software discovery and analysis.

This project allows for furthering open science on the web by creating a single location to search across multiple repositories and services in order to find software and the DOI to use with research. We are leveraging a currently evolving metadata standard to make such searching possible. Our goal is to implement the ability to search as well as detail some different metrics and information gathered from the services using the standardized metadata to show its potential.


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Stefan Neamtu, Adam Blaine, Matthew Mokary, Luke Coy



Published: 24 Sep, 2015

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