By Alexander Zamyatin

Data Science @ LHC workshops have been intensifying cooperation in the Data Science (DS) and High Energy Physics (HEP) professional communities. The need for such cooperation risen substantially in recent years, since it requires combining competences in HEP of everyone who are working in different experimental groups of the LHC experiment, as well as in Data Mining (DM) successfully applying up-to-date techniques of machine learning and big data management in various non-physics fields. One way for such systematic combining competences could be a join of DM and HEP experts (with ensuring adequate immersion in the complex and specific area of HEP, quite a number of involved professionals, methodological support of processes and their continuous development) on the Higher Education Institution platform with appropriate research and/or educational initiatives - Master and PHD educational programs, joint scientific laboratories etc. It allows combining in the same university environment researchers, teaching staff, students who are interested in DM and HEP and have suitable background. It could provide stable ideas and staff exchange and development. It would be useful to launch such an initiative (perhaps on the basis of the LHC) as a working group (or its sector) including interested authoritative universities. The working group would discuss methods and formats for scientific and educational projects for DM and HEP in higher education, the possibilities of financial support for such projects, joint activities for their development with the support of the LHC community etc.


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Alexander Zamyatin



Published: 25 Dec, 2015

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