By Ignacio Mastroleo

There are a lot of great ideas poured in Twitter on several topics and COVID19. Its time to published them also in the Journal of Brief Ideas . The advantages are that is fully machine quotable, instant publication, ORCID-linked, that generates a free DOI in Zenodo Merging Twitter with Journal of Brief Ideas will give a boost to our production of scientific knowledge during emergencies.


Note that the publication is not instant. All ideas undergo a quick review by the editors or others they consult.

David Harris · 7 Apr, 2020

Yes, it should said "quick review by editors" not instant. Which I believe it makes the journal more important. Thanks for the constructive comment.

Ignacio Mastroleo · 16 Apr, 2020
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Ignacio Mastroleo



Published: 4 Apr, 2020

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