By Bhagwan Rekadwad

Total 46 diverse thermophilic bacterial strains were isolated from terrestrial hot springs located at Unkeshwar (Longitude 78o 25’ East and Latitude 19o 85’ North). Bacterial strains showed optimum growth at temperatures ranges from 45-65 oC and pH ranges from 7.0-8.0. All strains were tested for antibiotic resistance. Out of 46 (100%) isolates, 19 (41%) isolates showed resistance towards polymyxin B (300 µg per disc). 11 (24%) isolates showed resistance towards bacitracin (10 µg per disc). Four (9%) isolates showed resistance towards ciprofloxacin HCl (5 µg per disc). Two (4%) isolates showed resistance towards tetracycline (30 µg per disc). Representative bacteria analyzed by using morphological and biochemical techniques were affiliated to Firmicutes (60%), γ-proteobacteria (15%), actinobacteria (13%), β-proteobacteria (7%), and α-proteobacteria (5%). This diverse study generated baseline information on diversity of industrially important bacterial communities present in the studied Unkeshwar hot spring.


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Bhagwan Rekadwad



Published: 29 Jun, 2015

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