By Chong Xu

It is indicated that more than 197,000 landslides triggered by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake (Ms 8.0) in China base on our latest result (Xu et al., 2014). There is important scientific significance and practical value to build a new regional seismic landslide volume calculation model and calculate regional landslides deposit volume distribution related with the earthquake. First of all, a detailed inventory of landslides triggered by the earthquake and the landslide property database, containing three dimensional geometric factors and controlling parameters of all landslides, were established using remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technologies combined with selected field measurements. The second, hundreds of landslide, selected as samples for subsequent landslide volume model training, were obtained according to the topographic differences before and after landslide occurrence. And then, landslide volume calculation mathematical model was constructed based on the relationship between landslide volume and three-dimensional geometric factors and controlling parameters, and constants of the model were calculated using the above landslide volume samples and statistical method. The method can be applied in similar study of other regional seismic landslide events. Finally, the model was used in all landslides triggered by the earthquake for landslides volume calculation, and landslide accumulation volume contours were constructed eventually.


I am appalled by the number of landslides and see great importance in your work. I think maybe an ecological approach could aid the civil-engineering intervention, after a working model being derived from your idea of course.

alex · 7 Feb, 2023
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Chong Xu



Published: 13 Feb, 2015

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