By Malay Patel

One of the important postulates of Digitalization is to provide government services to the citizens of the world using existing online infrastructure and developing better and enhanced online interfaces and platforms. The Digitalization campaign was initiated in order to achieve various goals; the most important of them being inclusive growth. Interestingly, inclusive growth is generally understood as a means of economic growth that aims at eradicating poverty by creating equal employment opportunities and skill development platforms for all segments of society.
I propose the establishment of a government-run time bank and skill exchange program on an online platform. The idea behind this program is to integrate professionals, craftsmen, workmen with vocational skills, and people from other diverse professions onto a common platform. This platform will facilitate them to exchange their skills in lieu of a reciprocal service from the receiver. we discard the conventional notion of monetary resources and incentives with time as both a resource and a reward. eg, if a plumber from the platform provides his service at a doctor’s residence for a particular job for a particular number of hours, he in return can avail the doctor’s services in the reciprocal quantum as per his skill value.


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Malay Patel



Published: 13 Dec, 2021

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