By Philippe Henry

Cannabis has undeniably been used to prime our imagination and creativity for centuries. As critical thinkers of all walks of life explore the use and impact of cannabis on today's society, one cannot omit the clear ability of the plant to bestow eureka moments upon our senses. Some have termed this experience hyper-priming #, or the ability to transcend different areas of knowledge to build connections between seemingly unrelated fields. Scientific insight should be applied to harness the potential benefits of cannabis hyper-priming and to make it into an effect cognitive tool. Recent research suggests that chronic cannabis use reduces the expression of Cannabinoid 1 receptors (CB1R) in several areas of the human brain. It was also observed that upon controlled abstinence #, CB1R expression is restored to full potential after only 48 hours. Conventional wisdom would thus have it that intermittent abstinence at intervals of 24-48hours, by restoring CB1R expression would provide for enhanced hyper-priming leading to more efficient use of cannabis for cognitive insight. Forget that plant with the 1001 molecules, think about the billion possible ways to use it more effectively to achieve originality and productivity through transcendence.


I agree 100%, I myself am a testament of the use of cannabis for creative purposes.
Cannabis is most definitely an effective cognitive tool for expanding awareness and bring creative focus in
to the lives of users, but as with any stimulant it should be used in moderation.

Nurmabda Eyce · 10 Jul, 2016

As a tool suggestions/ guides lines should be provided because it is easy to derail from to creative intent to deep interpersonal introspection that can and has frighten people from exploring this side of cannabis. I am self taught and still have moment where I drive completely off course, dosage plays a major part in this. Challenging cannabis use into developing creativity ability is a great way to get to know ones self & reach profound insight.

Nurmabda Eyce · 10 Jul, 2016

Thanks for your notes Nurmabda. Deviation towards the dark side may have a genetic basis, it would be of interest to examine that further. I have started a project called 420andme that aims to shed some light on these issues, do you have your 23andme genotypes, if so, please submit your variant here:
Best, Philippe

Philippe Henry · 26 Jul, 2016
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Philippe Henry



Published: 20 May, 2016

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