By Gavin Putland

Eight of the twelve intervals mentioned in the above Brief Idea (10.5281/zenodo.16212) were given in 12276ths of an octave, explicitly or implicitly, by Erv Wilson in 1995; see the last two pages of The latter document, being a scanned manuscript, did not show up in my searches. It was brought to my notice by Kraig Grady.

Thus my original contributions were, at most, calling the unit the mil on account of its size, arguing for its use in preference to the cent, and expressing the lesser diesis, greater diesis, Pythagorean limma, and diaschisma in mils.

I should also note the following intervals, which I initially omitted due to limited space, and which are close to whole numbers of mils:

Interval mils
Major limma 942.988
Small diesis (3125/3072) 302.95
Kleisma 82.94
1/4-comma-meantone diatonic semitone    1198.013
1/4-comma-meantone chromatic semitone    777.981 .


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Gavin Putland



Published: 23 Mar, 2015

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