By William Nicholas

The overarching purpose of e-Manifest is to establish a national information technology system that will enable the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the hazardous waste program’s industry and state stakeholders to transition the manifest system from one that is paper-intensive and burdensome to a system that is much more efficient, because it will rely on information technology to track hazardous waste shipments.

To advance that goal and reduce the difficulty of accessing data, the e-Manifest team has developed the emanifest Python package for regulators and industry users of the e-Manifest system. This package allows for the programmatic access of relevant data via the e-Manifest REST API. This package is available to any user with API Manager permissions in RCRAInfo. Additional details about the API are available via the Swagger interface.

The emanifest package is distributed via the Python Software Foundation (PSF) Python Package Index (PyPI) at the following link:

The emanifest source code is available via GitHub at the following link:


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William Nicholas



Published: 21 Jul, 2021

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