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Applying Machine Learning to Detect Code Quality Issues

Detecting the potential problems in the code before the product is released can prevent the problems in production and lower the cost of the system operation. The automated code review tools are relying on detecting code patterns that are know to cause problems. This methods are unable to find n...

By Jordan Vrtanoski

AutoLab: Can an AI Replace Human Data Collectors?

Can an autonomous AI conduct experiments on real humans in a lab safely and efficiently? With [Automated Laboratory (AutoLab)](, our open-source ubiquitous computing project, we will do just that. Imagine a Star Trek-like computer infused into a lab r...

By Purav Patel

On centralized vs. decentralized neurotechnologies

Neurotechnology is any technology developed to interface with brain function. It is a rapidly advancing area with important implications for the study of the brain and neurological disorders, as well as consumerization of the connectome and related neurocognitive processes. However, the topology...

By Aiden Arnold