Ideas tagged with algorithms

The Journal of Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming (CP) or Sports Programming is solving well-defined problem statements abiding by time and memory constraints with the help of [sandboxed environments]( on computing machines, appropriate data structures, and a...

By Deepak Ahire

Social Jailbreak: a social media aggregator designed to circumvent social media monopolies

**Social Jailbreak** (SJB) describes a proposed viral application that would allow social media users to communicate beyond the limits imposed by social media monopolies. Several platforms (e.g. Hootsuite) and some social networks (mainly Friendica) merge their users' different newsfeeds that th...

By Perig Gouanvic

An algorithm to end gerrymandering

U.S. House of Representative districts are bounded by centuries-old state borders, and redrawn by state legislatures. This has led to constitutional problems, and overcoming the problem of gerrymandering has not gone away. I propose a distance-weighted voting algorithm where any citizen can vote...

By David Wright