Ideas tagged with bioinformatics

Bionode - Modular and universal bioinformatics

> Highly reusable tools and code for bioinformatics, focused on * [Node.js]( to be *"write once, run anywhere"* * Node.js [Streams]( and [Events]( for scalable and reactive pipelines * CLI for e...

By Bruno Vieira

Docker containers with embedded R packages and domain-specific tools

R packages are collections of functions, documentations, tests, sample data, and dependency declarations, which come together to promote modularity, reproducibility, and adherence to good coding practices. Containerization using technologies such as Docker allow for building a specific computing...

By Stephen Turner, VP Nagraj

The Growing Need for Domain-Driven Languages

With computer science permeating every research disciple such that even rudimentary computational skills are now required for most research careers, it should not be the case that one needs advanced knowledge of computer science to be effective in their field. If we take Bioinformatics as an ...

By Ryan Hagenson