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Is exogenous insulin inevitable for diabetics?

Endogenous insulin production ceases with the loss of pancreatic islet β-cells, caused by autoimmune antibodies [1, ]([2, ]([3](

By Warrick Nelson

Why is the rate of incidence of diabetes increasing?

The increasing rate of diabetes, often attributed to overweight associated with hypercaloric diets, has led to numerous dietary and lifestyle intervention trials. In these, the dietary components have focused particularly on controlling caloric intake through reduced fat or sugars [1](http://lin...

By Warrick Nelson

Long Term Management of Glucose and Weight in Type 2 Diabetes Using Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 Expressing CTB-IGF1 and CTB-amylin

Current therapeutic options for diabetes mellitus are feeble in long term management of blood glucose, which can result in many serious complications. Recent studies illustrate that the intestinal microflora is a feasible vehicle to deliver the target hormones to the liver and a cost-effective o...

By Mahsa Jalili

Hyperglycaemia: both cause and effect of diabetes

Current thinking suggests diabetes has variable causes, is inevitably progressive, and causes hyperglycaemia. **Type 1** is an autoimmune disease causing β-cell (source of insulin) death, and **type 2** is an insulin activity deficiency (insulin resistance)<sup>[1](

By Warrick Nelson

Diabetes screening using home blood glucose meter testing during the Dawn Phenomenon period

The Dawn Phenomenon (DP) was first noted in diabetics as an unexpected increase in blood glucose beginning during sleep early in the morning<sup>[1](</sup>. The glucose is derived from increased hepatic gluconeogenesis rather than reduced glucose use and...

By Warrick Nelson