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Breadth, Depth and Integration: The Three Dimensions of the Polymathy Construct

At the core of the polymathy construct is the person's relationship with knowledge in three dimensions: depth, breadth and integration. Depth refers to expertise and to the cumulative penetration into certain subjects of interest (in which society circumscribes within domains). It entails [kn...

By Michael Araki

Relationships Between Polymathy as a Trait and Neurochemically-Based Individual Differences

Polymathy traditionally means “wide-ranging knowledge”. However, Sriraman(2009) and [Michael Araki](/users/7e5ab981b273ead711a70ba889e65ff0) [Polymathy_](/ideas/8e54bb477f4fe239e7a364af3d219c65) have proposed that polymathy can function as a trait. Based the idea that polymathic people distingui...

By Michael Araki

Polymathy or polymathies: A typology proposal

Recent TED talks and books like "Range" and "The Polymath" generated great popular interest in the concept of polymathy. However, polymathy is still ill-defined in academia. Here, I propose a more systematic typology, based on the literature review carried out by Araki (2015; 2018). Polymathy...

By Michael Araki