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Components of Expertise

Herling (2000:13) in his "Operational definitions of expertise and competence" outlined three basic components of expertise: knowledge; problem-solving; and experience. Here, I propose a more sophisticated differentiation that involves four types of knowledge: 1) Epistemic Knowledge; 2) To...

By Michael Araki

Breadth and depth are positively correlated emergent properties of engagement

Scholars like Duckworth and Ericsson speak of an “ineluctable trade-off between breadth and depth” in expertise and knowledge acquisition. However, recent research [on polymathy](/ideas/753fac5b42e4c3cac704937e5be2ef39) shows a positive correlation between the two. This seeming contradiction ari...

By Michael Araki

Clarifying Heraclitus' criticism of polymathy as a bad craft

In fragment XXV (Khan, 1979), Heraclitus writes that polymathy is bad craft (kakotechnie). However, in that extract he is referring to the “pilling up” of learnings without the application of rigor and without good guiding principles. Notwithstanding, cognates of polymath’s termination "-math...

By Michael Araki