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Regional seismic landslide volume calculation model and its application

It is indicated that more than 197,000 landslides triggered by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake (Ms 8.0) in China base on our latest result ([Xu et al., 2014]( There is important scientific significance and practical value to build a new r...

By Chong Xu

The Physics of transport processes

The physics of transport processes has been and is currently a very important sector in the description and understanding of the “infinitely small and big”. Nanophysics is demonstrating in recent years the richness of phenomena occurring at the nano-scale. A new formulation of the Drude-Lorent...

By Paolo Di Sia

Re-scaling of model evaluation measures to allow direct comparison of their values

Species distribution models are increasingly used in ecology, biogeography and climate change research, and are usually complemented with one or more metrics evaluating their performance. Not all metrics vary within the same scale of measurement: for example, Cohen’s kappa and the true skill st...

By A. Márcia Barbosa