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Multisensory Tone, Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony

My hypothesis is that autistic people who have odd responses to sound and Deaf people can reap the benefits associated with the concept “music” through senses in addition to sound. One reason is that for millennia the species of mankind has absorbed tone, rhythm, melody, and harmony (TRM&H) thr...

By Kent Godfrey

The mil: 1/1023 of an equal-tempered semitone

In musical temperament, intervals are usually stated in <i>cents</i>, i.e.&nbsp;hundredths of a 12-EDO semitone. A more convenient unit would be 1/12276 of an octave, i.e.&nbsp;1/1023 of a 12-EDO semitone. I&nbsp;call this a <i>mil</i> because it is nearly 1/1000 of a semitone (cf.&nbsp;1KB&#823...

By Gavin Putland

Acknowledgment re &lsquo;The mil: 1/1023 of an equal-tempered semitone&rsquo;

Eight of the twelve intervals mentioned in the above Brief Idea (<a href="">10.5281/zenodo.16212</a>) were given in 12276ths of an octave, explicitly or implicitly, by Erv Wilson in 1995; see the last two pages of <a href="">ana...

By Gavin Putland