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The impact of country-specific social capital on implementing multilateral environmental protection treaties

It is no secret that the 21st century will pose dramatic challenges to ecosystem stability and biodiversity as a result of human interventions over the last 200 years. What is also very clear is that human societies will be significantly impacted by these detrimental trends. Climate impacts coup...

By Martin Sirakov

Systems analysis of cancer progression

It is well-known that the stage of the cancer at diagnosis is significantly correlated with the survival odds of the patient, and the chances of survival fall off rapidly with the progression of cancer. Despite this, few efforts address the mechanisms of progression of the disease. Here we sugge...

By Ashok Palaniappan

How to Build a Global Tree of All Known Languages? - A Brief Demonstration.

[I] ( used the [Dedius’s binary coding (with MrBayes)] ( of the [WALS dataset] (, the softwares [Structure 2.3.4] (http...

By Julien d'Huy