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Create standalone simulation tools to facilitate collaboration between HEP and machine learning community

Discussions at recent workshops have made it clear that one of the key barriers to collaboration between high energy physics and the machine learning community is access to training data. Recent successes in data sharing through the [HiggsML]( and ...

By Kyle Cranmer, Tim Head, jean-roch vlimant, Vladimir Gligorov, Maurizio Pierini, Gilles Louppe, Andrey Ustyuzhanin, Balázs Kégl, Peter Elmer, Juan Pavez, Amir Farbin, Sergei Gleyzer, Steven Schramm, Lukas Heinrich, Michael Williams, Christian Lorenz Müller, Daniel Whiteson, Peter Sadowski, Pierre Baldi

European Citizen Science via the web: potentials, expectations and way ahead

We envision a web-enabled European Citizen Science Platform that opens research supported by the European Union for collaborations with the public. Our initial investigations concentrate on environmental sciences and sustainability research in order to support the living within the limits of our...

By Sven Schade