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Teen-Driven Open Science

Through the [Hive Mapping Cooperative](, five youth-serving organizations in Chicago have been working to develop shared systems for teens to collect, analyze, visualize, and share georeferenced data using free and open source tools for mobile data collection, data visu...

By David Bild

Promoting Open Research among future scientists.

It’s easier to mold a human at his childhood days than at later part of his life. The proposed idea is based on this simple fact. **Idea:** Imagine creating an online platform that acts an incubator for Open Research. The platform could be anything such as a simple mobile app or website. The p...

By Priyank Agarwal

Bionode - Modular and universal bioinformatics

> Highly reusable tools and code for bioinformatics, focused on * [Node.js]( to be *"write once, run anywhere"* * Node.js [Streams]( and [Events]( for scalable and reactive pipelines * CLI for e...

By Bruno Vieira

Modify and run other people's research code in your browser

Science makes progress by reusing results and building on them. For research software this is pretty hard (the people writing it often do not have the time to make slick installers like big libraries do). As a result there is not as much reuse as there could be. With [`everware`](//

By Tim Head

European Citizen Science via the web: potentials, expectations and way ahead

We envision a web-enabled European Citizen Science Platform that opens research supported by the European Union for collaborations with the public. Our initial investigations concentrate on environmental sciences and sustainability research in order to support the living within the limits of our...

By Sven Schade

Putting 2 million genomes into the public domain and onto the web

openSNP is an open-science/data project that aims at making personal genomics data available. Thanks to the rapid bio-technological progress and start-ups like 23andMe, more and more people are getting access to their personal genetic information. In 2015 about 2 ([1](

By Bastian Greshake

Software Discovery Dashboard

This project’s objective is to create an open source web dashboard capable of searching multiple code hosting services, such as Zenodo, Figshare, and GitHub, for the benefit of the research community. The goal of this dashboard is to demonstrate the usefulness of a new metadata standard by utili...

By Stefan Neamtu, Adam Blaine, Matthew Mokary, Luke Coy

Open Cosmics: cosmic-ray physics for everyone

Simple devices like Cloud Chambers, Bubble Chambers, CosmicPi and Crayfis allow us to detect particle decays from cosmic rays which are not visible to the naked eye. Cloud Chambers and Bubble Chambers were used for particle physics research at CERN before the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Duri...

By Gabriella Azzopardi

miniReproducibility Project

A valuable but hidden set of data: research trainees spend months to years confirming previously published data. These experiments are not considered publishable. Other trainees in the same field “reinvent the wheel” due to lack of publicly available information. A simple idea: Imagine the sa...

By girija goyal

"Working Open" Guide

Since the Mozilla Science Lab launched two years ago, we’ve tested ways to help the research community work together to build new tools for science. Through our [Collaborate platform]( and [code sprints](, w...

By Abigail Cabunoc Mayes