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The Austrian Science Fund (FWF): Analyzing Decision Making and Peer Review

The legitimacy of a funding agency in basic research depends at least on the following factors: * organization’s ability to minimize distortions in approval probability by its decision procedure * the scientific quality of results produced by funded research proposals * the acceptance of the...

By Klaus Zinöcker

miniReproducibility Project

A valuable but hidden set of data: research trainees spend months to years confirming previously published data. These experiments are not considered publishable. Other trainees in the same field “reinvent the wheel” due to lack of publicly available information. A simple idea: Imagine the sa...

By girija goyal

The Journal of Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming (CP) or Sports Programming is solving well-defined problem statements abiding by time and memory constraints with the help of [sandboxed environments]( on computing machines, appropriate data structures, and a...

By Deepak Ahire