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Correspondence Between Sonic Booms and Photonic Booms

A [sonic boom]( is heard by an observer, for example, when a supersonic airplane passes by. A lesser known phenomenon dubbed a photonic boom is seen by an observer, for example, when an always-superluminal spot from a laser pointer sweeps by. Both boom...

By Robert Nemiroff

Learning computationally expensive functions

Analysing data from an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN requires large amounts of computing power. In addition to large amounts of experimental data, each individual analysis requires large amounts of simulated data. This production of simulated data is the single largest consu...

By Tim Head

Recasting through reweighting

*Recasting* refers to reinterpreting the results of searches for new particles or standard model measurements in the context of different theoretical models \[[1](\]. The fundamental task is to replace the original hypothesis $p_0(x)$ with a new hypothesi...

By Kyle Cranmer, Lukas Heinrich