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Magnification of arsenic poisoning factors along the length of river

Previous studies have not explored the link between the downstream distance of rivers and increased incidence of arsenic toxicity. We find that in South Asia almost all the sites of arsenic toxicity are close to a river and are furthest from the source of river. The 3 factors that we posit are c...

By Sukant Khurana, Shail Adrian Jagmag

A proposal for sequential approach for arsenic removal from top-soil

Arsenic contamination of ground water and soil is a vexing problem in several countries, including India. For water treatment there have been several effective, economical and commercially available [methods] ( [Phytoremidiation] (http://ww...

By Sukant Khurana, Naveen Tripathi, Arindam Sikdar, Shail Adrian Jagmag