Ideas tagged with python

PyTag: An extensible computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS)

There have been a few open-source projects that are aimed at qualitative data analysis (e.g. Taguette). But, I haven't seen one with especially the extensibility concept in mind. It would be very nice if there could be a data analysis software that can have plugins, custom output format, cus...

By Faiz Jazadi

Publication of conference lightning talks in scientific journals shown on a exemplary lightning talk about nomograms

Lightning Talks have become a popular format at conferences. Within five minutes, a topic is presented that meets scientific standards. In this time, information can be presented that is also contained in papers. In many scientific fields, citations are made only from written papers (for ease of...

By Jens Harbers

emanifest: A Python utility package for accessing the US EPA's hazardous waste tracking system

The overarching purpose of e-Manifest is to establish a national information technology system that will enable the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the hazardous waste program’s industry and state stakeholders to transition the manifest system from one that is paper-intensive and burde...

By William Nicholas