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From Budapest via San Francisco to The Hague: a bird's eye view of two dozen scholarly communication charters.

Idea: speeding up the transition towards a scholarly commons by summarizing and reviewing existing charters and pinpointing where there’s still work to be done. Science is in transition. But in what direction, demanded by whom, accepted by whom and realised where and how? This is what we woul...

By Jeroen Bosman, Bianca Kramer

METRICS: a pattern language for education scholarship

Scholarly activities in health professions education have been growing but despite the interest, what is considered as scholarship in (medical) education has remained vague. Boyer’s classes of scholarly activity (Boyer 1990) and Glassick’s criteria required of an artefact to render it scholarly ...

By David Topps

Synchronic similarity in scholarly communication may mask diachronically distinct goals and histories

The [Force11]( [Scholarly Commons Working Group (SCWG)]( aims to > [a]rticulate a set of high level principles... for the Scholarly Commons[,]... focus on assessing the... convergence of thinking around these i...

By Daniel O'Donnell