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Social Jailbreak: a social media aggregator designed to circumvent social media monopolies

**Social Jailbreak** (SJB) describes a proposed viral application that would allow social media users to communicate beyond the limits imposed by social media monopolies. Several platforms (e.g. Hootsuite) and some social networks (mainly Friendica) merge their users' different newsfeeds that th...

By Perig Gouanvic

Using kittens to unlock photo-sharing website datasets

Mining photo-sharing websites is a promising approach to complement in situ and satellite observations of the environment, however a challenge is to deal with the large degree of noise inherent to online social datasets. Using the Flickr application programming interface I queried all the publi...

By Simon Gascoin

Body Image Compensation

I here describe a solution to a problem in the area of optics. Worldwide, there is concern over the effects of the use of smartphones, tablets, computers, and webcams on body image. The use of cameras in these devices reinforces a [thin ideal](

By Thomas Scarborough

The spontaneous order of social media

Social media is a spontaneous order. Or, rather, various social orders cultivated on social media platforms—patterns of interaction, virtual communities, co-creation and user-generated content—constitute their own spontaneous orders. Social media spontaneous orders emerge and evolve in an orderl...

By Trent MacDonald

The social media spontaneous order is a ‘constellaxy’

Social media is a spontaneous order. It is distinct from others because of its systemic resource—attention—and unique feedback mechanisms—social media analytics[[1]]( Attention consists connectivity and interactivity of social me...

By Trent MacDonald