Ideas tagged with sustainability

From global to local: making international sustainable development goals relevant at the watershed scale

In 2015, the United Nations is likely to adopt 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 15s), with 169 associated targets. These goals are intended to improve on the Millennium Development Goals by addressing key systemic barriers such as inequality, unsustainable consumption, weak institutional ca...

By Jim Perry

Developed microbial communities in biofilm mode: the key for reinstating degraded ecosystems

In conventional scientific approaches, degraded ecosystems (e.g. conventional agroecosystems due to tillage and high doses of chemical inputs) are attempted to be revived mainly through nutrients, organic matter and water management. However, they do not provide a complete answer to the issue of...

By Gamini Seneviratne

A sustainable URL shortener for science

Emerging infrastructures for scientific research such as [Zenodo]( and [ORCiD]( offer persistent identification of data, software, publications, people, and institutions. Publications, however, often contain links to URLs on the internet, e.g., to project or...

By Stephan Druskat