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The mil: 1/1023 of an equal-tempered semitone

In musical temperament, intervals are usually stated in <i>cents</i>, i.e.&nbsp;hundredths of a 12-EDO semitone. A more convenient unit would be 1/12276 of an octave, i.e.&nbsp;1/1023 of a 12-EDO semitone. I&nbsp;call this a <i>mil</i> because it is nearly 1/1000 of a semitone (cf.&nbsp;1KB&#823...

By Gavin Putland

Acknowledgment re &lsquo;The mil: 1/1023 of an equal-tempered semitone&rsquo;

Eight of the twelve intervals mentioned in the above Brief Idea (<a href="">10.5281/zenodo.16212</a>) were given in 12276ths of an octave, explicitly or implicitly, by Erv Wilson in 1995; see the last two pages of <a href="">ana...

By Gavin Putland

Relationships Between Polymathy as a Trait and Neurochemically-Based Individual Differences

Polymathy traditionally means “wide-ranging knowledge”. However, Sriraman(2009) and [Michael Araki](/users/7e5ab981b273ead711a70ba889e65ff0) [Polymathy_](/ideas/8e54bb477f4fe239e7a364af3d219c65) have proposed that polymathy can function as a trait. Based the idea that polymathic people distingui...

By Michael Araki