Measuring economic parameters of games

Players need to recognize and follow each game’s rules in order to participate ([Squire,... continue reading

Applying Machine Learning to Detect Code Quality Issues

Detecting the potential problems in the code before the product is released can prevent the problems in production and lower the cost of the system operation. The automated code review tools are relying on detecting code patterns that are know to... continue reading

A set of SNPs and Indels in the psilocybin biosynthetic pathway cluster: candidates markers for chemotypic expression in two species of Psilocybe mushrooms

Renewed interested in the application of psychotropic compounds to mental health and societal issues has let to the revival of psychedelic research. While groups are racing to patent composition or... continue reading

Home Hospital: A Radical New Platform for Healthcare

The concept of the "home hospital" is a proposed radically new platform for healthcare which will drastically cut the cost of medical treatment. Sick patients who would otherwise be required to stay in hospital wards or cabins are kept at home.... continue reading

Proper exercise filter during epidemics such as Covid 19

Considering that The use of masks in athletes causes hypoxic and hypercapnic breathing as evidenced by increased effort during exercise and The use of masks during a short exercise with an intensity around 6–8 METS, decreases O2 by 3.7% and... continue reading

Fenton reactions and OCD.

Fenton reactions and OCD.

St John's Wort treatment (5x333mg pd) only became anti-OCD when ferrous fumarate was added.1. (2 to 5x14mg iron pd), suggesting radical releasing of serotonin was crucial, as on MAOIs.2. Gut Fenton reactions in the... continue reading

The Impact of Conflict on Entrepreneurial Group Dynamics and Organizational Outcomes: Suggesting an Intervention Study Using Conflict Mediating Strategies

Entrepreneurial groups consist of individuals bound together by their joint engagement in founding and running a business. Conflict in such teams may affect group performance, innovation, team development, as well as team efficiency and cognitive... continue reading

Excessive sitting time as predictor of COVID-19 severity

A large body of recent research has identified that excessive time spent sitting down is a major risk factor for mortality from all causes and that it directly contributes to a range of health issues prevalent in first-world countries. Many of... continue reading

Dual-Role Actor- A Fresh Look At Bootlegger and Baptists Dynamics

Bruce Yandle’s concept of Bootleggers and Baptists explains how seemingly opposing groups/individuals join forces for a single cause. The Bootleggers stand to gain from advocating the assumed policy position. The Baptists provide moral... continue reading

Explanation for spheno-ethmoid contact on the organ-crowded hominoid anterior cranial floor

The anterior cranial floor is variably configured in primates. The sphenoid and ethmoid bones contact each other in strepsirrhines, orangutans, and modern humans, whereas... continue reading


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