The Data Science @ LHC workshop was a resounding success. We do not plan to have traditional proceedings tied to individual talks, but we do want to capture the ideas that were generated during the workshop.

With that in mind, we are soliciting contributions to the Journal of Brief Ideas. Each contribution is capped at 200 words, so this provides a lightweight method of collecting ideas that came up during the workshop. They do not have to be tied to a particular talk or speaker, and you can even submit several ideas with a different set of authors.

The goal is to lay the groundwork for new collaborations and follow up studies, not to document completed research.

All ideas will be stored in the Data Science @ LHC collection of Brief Ideas and given the tag DSLHC.

Please review previously submitted ideas to get inspiration and to avoid duplication.

Some tips on a good submission:

  1. The title should be succinct and describe the outcome so that people can see at a glance what the progress in physics might be.
  2. The idea shouldn't be so technical that physicists in other fields are unable to read it.
  3. The idea doesn’t need to have all the details worked out (this is a forecast of the unknowable future, after all) but it should concrete and as specific as possible.

What to do now:

  1. View the previously submitted ideas
  2. Submit your own idea
  3. Comment on somebody else's idea with the next possible step

All ideas will be stored permanently and have a DOI assigned so that they can be cited just like regular papers and can appear in your ORCID record.


This is the Journal of Brief Ideas - citable ideas in fewer than 200 words.

Submission help

Watch this 2-minute video that will walk you through how to submit an idea.