By Sukant Khurana, Naveen Tripathi, Srijoni Basu, Nabajit Das, Arindam Sikdar, Shail Adrian Jagmag

Electric fences have been used more successfully than non-electric fences in comparable settings for a variety of animals. The frequent breaking of electric fences by large mammals such as elephants that can pull a tree down on the fence, or rhinos that can run through fences with impunity, decrease the effectiveness of electric fences. Laying out a depressed region near the fence with the width more than the tallest tree, and filling it with sand would increase the effectiveness of electric fences. This would force the animal to run through sand which would significantly slow down the animal. The sand would also prevent the growth of vegetation that could support tall trees, which could be used to disrupt the fence. The sand clearing would also provide the ability to electrify the fences with solar power, utilising the clearing from foliage presented.


Why not lay a earth mat of bare wires in the sand filled trench, this would increase the ability of the fence to deliver a shock.

Mark Foreman · 28 Sep, 2015
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