By hemendra yadav

Open wound heals faster as they not let anaerobes grow faster in the wound but on the other side open wounds increase risk of infection. Bandage protects from infection but there is low aeration thus delaying healing. Biofilms have tendency to entangle bacteria and fungi, this ability should be harnessed, we should design biofilm bandages to protect us from pathogens, should be antiseptic and entangle pathogenic bacteria as well as rich in proteins aiding in healing and thus finally stopping bacteria enter into wound but simultaneously providing aeration to the wound and helping in scab formation. Two layers of biofilms should be used in bandages : inner inert with enmeshed proteins essential for wound healing such as fibrinogen, albumen, fibronectin, albumin and the outer one should be sterile with antiseptic and probiotics which are antibacterial and antifungal such as acidophilus bacteria and blue green salve which should avoid bacterial and fungal infection. DNA, proteins, polysaccharides secreted by bacteria to make biofilm can keep the wound moist, with proper aeration, constant supply of nutrients and protecting from infection by increasing competition for other bacteria present in air, water and soil.


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hemendra yadav



Published: 5 Jun, 2016

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