By Muhammad Jawad Sajid

Forests are vital to life on Earth. But forests are rapidly disappearing. The concern is that elected officials must answer to voters and even party donors. In terms of economic gain, both voters and funders benefit from forest destruction. Local, provincial, and federal governments will be reluctant to enact strict regulations, causing dissatisfaction or criticism from both groups.

The solution is independent forest local governments, whose main goal is to protect their permanent residents, i.e. animal and plant species. Forested areas should be treated as temporary tourist areas with no permanent resident status for humans. Tourists, wildlife photographers, media and entertainment professionals, and others must pay to stay in these forest towns. During their stay, they are bound by the forest towns' laws, which are designed to protect permanent residents. Infractions result in fines and even deportation from the forest towns. The funds raised can go towards animal and plant welfare projects, as well as forest town survival.

The forest government may include ecologists, lawyers, or citizens. They primarily enact laws and regulations for permanent residents (i.e., animals and plants). Hiring of forest police and other officials And raising funds for the permanent residents' welfare.

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Muhammad Jawad Sajid



Published: 23 Jul, 2021

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