By Dina Ralt

NO (Nitric Oxide) is a radical gas and one of most important signaling molecules in the human body, [Jain 2015] ( Everything one does during life e.g., nutrition, physical activities, relaxation, entertainment, studies etc, is affecting NO availability, [Ralt 2008] ( Thus NO measure reflects what is good or bad for us and what activities to adjust in order to achieve balance, health and longevity. I suggest that there is a NO net in our body, much like the social internet, and it enables our wellness and vitality.
I propose to construct NO meter device [hand meter] (, which will measure bioactive NO levels through breath or skin's blood vessel dilation, [Cals-Grierson 2004] ( According to its measures it will enable the user to design wisely the quality of his life.
More data on NO and skin:
1- Single-walled carbon nanotubes are attractive for biomedical applications, enabling selective detection of local nitric oxide concentration, [Iverson 2013] (
2- UVA exposure reduces human blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide metabolites from storage in the skin, [Liu 2014] (
3- Nitric oxide related effects on human skin, [Heuer 2015] (

A smart measure for the NO can become our health leader.


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Dina Ralt



Published: 19 Feb, 2015

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