By Upulie Divisekera

Dinosaurs are the most popular and well known extinct animals known to humankind. They have been regarded with awe since the first discovery of Megalodon and the coining of the term dinosaur by Richard Owen. In the 1950s they experienced something of a revival and have been popular ever since, particularly with the discovery of new species and fossils which indicate that clades of dinosaurs evolved into modern day birds. Some of the new fossils indicate known species may have had prototypical feathers. With the current enormous popularity of dinosaurs, many astonishing new discoveries and related controversies around interpreting known species, I propose the establishment of a World Dinosaur Congress to oversee the naming and classification of dinosaurs. This would by no means be binding, subject to the best evidence available, and similar in intent to the astronomy congress that demoted Pluto. With plans for dinosaur reengineering, a body for oversight would be most useful.


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Upulie Divisekera



Published: 27 May, 2015

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