By Gamini Seneviratne, Mahesh Premarathna

Being a Martian is not too far impossible. Now, scientists are looking forward to changing the Martian environment into a favorable state with the current advancement of the technology. Producing O2and food are predominantly seen challenges at present. All the available hypotheses in this are about changing Mars environment to get earth-like conditions. But, it would take ages to do that, maybe hundreds of years. For example, cyanobacteria had taken 2.7billion years to naturally change O2 content to a habitable level on the Earth. Here, we argue that with the available advancements of science today and perhaps years to come, the maximum, the humans would be able to do on the Mars in the future is to live inside a chamber with controlled conditions. But, no one would be able to be a real Martian who can walk freely on the Mars soil. Thinking outside the box, there is a great possibility for us to do that by getting ourselves changed a little bit to be adaptable to Martian conditions, which is much more achievable than changing a whole planet. Here, we suggest that by being photoautotrophic men, like the spotted salamander, we would be able to be real Martians.


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Gamini Seneviratne, Mahesh Premarathna



Published: 20 Sep, 2019

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