By Jens Harbers

Scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals represent the backbone of science, because information in this medium ideally passes through a review process and is released for publication after peer review. This increases credibility, as a selection process usually identifies and sorts out faulty work. However, even in retrospect, after the paper has been published, errors can occur that remained unknown or unmentioned in the scientific community.

The idea of the project is to mathematically evaluate methods in agricultural science based on classical forms of mathematical proof. Emphasis will be placed on grassland science as the main subject of methodology. The methods used will be mathematically proven and, if necessary, revised after contradiction. Correct techniques should also be named so that further work can be done with them.

The goal is a consistent mathematical evaluation of the toolbox of agricultural scientists to give the work additional credibility. The explicit non-goal is to merely showcase authors of papers that use methodologies that are mathematically proven to be inappropriate or biased. Or offending agricultural science projects and their stakeholders.
The findings will be read primarily by agronomists in an effort to improve methodology.


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Jens Harbers



Published: 26 Sep, 2021

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